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Franklin County

Conservation District

2018 KACD Outstanding Conservation District


JULY 1, 2020 – JUNE 1, 2021

CONTINUOUS SIGN-UPS Starting August 17th, 2020

Contact: Franklin County Conservation District Office

• Heavy Use Area (HUA) Program

50 percent cost share up to $1,500.00 excluding filter fabric cost


Pipeline and Water Tank

50 percent cost share up to $1,500.00 for livestock watering facility including meter cost


(May select 1 of the 6 practices below)

Rock Gateway Program

Includes: One 50 foot piece of filter fabric and one load of rock from Harrods Stone per farmer

Cover Crop Program

Pasture/Hay Land Renovation Program

Includes: Any seed may be used under this program to improve pasture and hay land quality (50% up to $500)

Weed Control Program

Includes: 2-4-D, Trimec, Roundup, Forefront, Crossbow, and Pasture Guard Surfactants will also be included (50% up to $500).

Forage Management Program

Includes: Hay Wrap, Net Wrap and Silage Bags (50% up to $500)

Fertilizer Program (soil test required)

Includes: Non-nitrogen fertilizer (50% up to $500)

Lime Program (soil test required)

As mandated by law, any person receiving local, state or federal cost share funds, must develop an Agriculture Water Quality Plan and must have a Farm Service Agency farm number. For more information, contact Eric Phillips at the district office. (50% up to $500)

• Additional Option of Manure Testing ($25.00)

District Equipment

Materials Available

No Till Drills (5)

$6.00 Per Acre

Brillion Seeder  

$6.00 Per Acre

Lime Spreader     

$50.00 Per Day

Pasture Sprayer (2)

$30.00 Per Day

Weed Wiper

$30.00 Per Day

Chain Harrow (2)

$30.00 Per Day

Manure Spreader

$50.00 Per Day

Tree Planter

$30.00 For Full Day

Inline Bale Wrapper

$100.00 Per Day

Geotexile (Filter) Fabric (Non-woven $1.50/foot and Woven $1.00/foot)