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Franklin County

Conservation District

District Technician Position - Applications can be obtained by contacting District Office

I. INTRODUCTION: The district technician is a member of the support staff for the Franklin County Conservation District (FCCD) located in Franklin County, Kentucky. Major responsibilities are related to assisting the district with implementing a soil and water conservation program in Franklin County, assisting the district with natural resource education program, providing general maintenance of the district’s buildings and equipment, and overseeing contractor work with the district buildings when necessary. This is a full-time position.


• Assist land users with completing cost-share program applications.

• Assist land users in completing Ky Ag Water Quality Producer Plan.

• Assist the FCCD with the Metal Collection Program.

• Assist with Big Tree Contest, Reforest Frankfort, Franklin County Farm City Field Day

• Assist with FCCD promotions, field days, and demonstrations.

• Assist with the FCCD Natural Resource Conservation Education Program.

• Provide general maintenance for district property, equipment, parking lot, landscaping and signage.

• Move rental equipment in and out of the shop for each rental request.

• Cut filter fabric to length as requested.

• Clean and maintain district shop and maintain shop tools and supplies.

• Some heavy lifting may be required to maintain and manage supplies and equipment.

• Take and maintain inventory of all shop equipment and maintain a detailed maintenance log for each piece.

• Inspect and service all rental equipment before and after each rental.

• Take inventory and maintain inventory of all shop tools and supplies; and

• Perform other duties as assigned.


• General knowledge of farm machinery operation and maintenance is preferred.

• Ability to operate a forklift;

• Ability to initiate, plan and implement program components and activities.

• General knowledge of natural resources and environmental conservation programs.

• Basic knowledge of general farm operation, equipment and terminology.

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel;

• Ability to work with others in a team setting.

• Ability to meet the public with a friendly helpful attitude.

• Ability to perform oral and written communications.

IV. SUPERVISOR CONTROLS: The district technician is under the general supervision of the chairman of the FCCD Board of Supervisors or the chairman’s designee. Daily operations and activities are generally self-directed. The district technician works under the laws, regulations, policies and guidelines pertaining to the FCCD. The district technician is expected to be prompt in attendance and follow guidelines found in the FCCD employee handbook. FCCD follows a forty (40) hour workweek. Compensatory time shall be preapproved by the chairman and will be awarded on an hour for hour basis.

V. WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work may be performed both within and outside the office. Farm and field visits may be included as directed by the Board of Supervisors

VI. PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Performance will be reviewed periodically against the requirements developed for the position. A formal review will be completed on an annual basis and will be discussed with the district technician. The performance review will be the basis for position duty changes to improve FCCD program planning and implementation.